The hardest part is balance, or how to do it all

Oh. I didn't mean that I actually know how to do it all. You know me-- I can barely do the minimum on many days. Teaching thrashed my artistic ambitions into submission last year, and I'm going to see if I can try for a personal record and get into the studio THREE times during the school year. 

I actually submitted work into a show today, and either way I win--if the work is accepted, I can remember that yes, I am an artist. If it's declined, I save myself $300 in shipping fees and framing. I'm almost hoping for the latter. The art market is a racket, kids. I'm looking into getting some prints made to sell, but I'm not super excited by the prospect. Ever since my computer inexplicably bit the dust and I had to run it through an external hard drive, I don't have my photo-finessing tools that let me limp my abysmal photos of my art into some semblance of what they actually look like. Not only that, but I can't keep my camera charged, so my professional integrity hinges on grainy, poorly edited photos of my work taken on an iPhone 6. Technology kicks my ass every time.

Please believe me when I tell you that I am a better teacher than an artistic coordinator.