New work, 2016

I'm keenly aware of my lack of an online presence as of late. Disappointments blurred into a fracas of holidays, which dumped me cruelly into a new year without so much as a how-do-you-do. Coupled with a shocking lack of computer resources (Who wants to buy me a new computer? I'll give you triple the amount in art!!!), I found myself unable to post. 

Here are a few, at least, from the new series of abstract work. Clearly they stem from the Cabochon landscapes, to which I may return when the caprice strikes. I'm temporarily abandoning the use of wax medium to play with some fluidity. The saturated hues that characterize the Cabochons intensify in these paintings, because I feel the need to take it to an extreme before backing off to an appropriate level. (Those of you who know me personally will find that in accordance with the rest of my traits.) 

I'm at a loss for a response to why the "bubbles" are there. I like spheres, transparency is lovely, and I've incorporated objects not dissimilar to these in a few of my still life works. Still-- are they glass? If so, are they solid or thinly-walled? Are they adrift like soap bubbles or merely anchored in an alternate reality? They're not fully abstract, but nor are they from life. Maybe it's not for me to discern just yet.