Taking credit card orders NOW!

I have the Square reader in my possession. Who's first? No reasonable offers refused. Seriously. Bear in mind I'll have to ship them, which will add roughly $40 to an 18"x24" piece. Email me with offers at psaina@yahoo.com. 

In other news, I'm actually getting better at this painting gig. In drawing, there is a concept known as "economy of line" that is very desirable-- it's the ability to capture the essence of something or someone with just a few jots on the paper. I know somewhere in the massive sphere of semantics in the lexicon of artists there is a painting equivalent, but hell if I know what it is. Anyway, I've been chasing that "economy of paint" or whatever it is for years now, and only recently have I even scratched the surface, so to speak. The new studies over on the Vanitas page are are close as I've ever come. Breakthrough? Maybe. Stay tuned.