Art and Earth: Berkeley Art Works juried exhibition

Fractured Vanitas was just accepted into the fifth annual Art and Earth Exhibition in Martinsburg, WV. I'm a little stunned still. Now for the stressful-exciting part: the show runs from April 1-May 2 2015, which leaves me very little planning time. The reception is April 11 from 5-7. I suppose I ought to inform my brother that I plan on staying with him...hey, blood is thicker than paint, no? At the very least it's thicker than tequila, our sacred familial bonding beverage.

I'm a little artistically conflicted because even though I was initially pleased with how that painting turned out, I'm second-guessing it based on the polemic reactions it inspired. It was the one painting in the solo show that people would point to and comment, "I really (like/can't stand) this one." Those who dislike it seem to conflate my fixation with the skull image as macabre, which I understand but do not condone. It didn't sell, mercifully, or I'd have a little conundrum on my hands. I over-priced it a bit for this area, because frankly I like looking at it. It worked in my favor...ah, Karma, you little minx.