Learning Curve

I recently exhibited in my first legitimate art show in Santa Fe. It could accurately be called an unmitigated financial disaster, and I will spend many months trying to recoup my losses. I sincerely hope that I won't resort to decorating holiday ornaments for $5 a pop, but it's happened before. Maybe I'll just retreat and prepare for my solo exhibition in Columbus, Ohio in June 2016. 

I don't rightly know if I am cut out for the "show circuit"-- traveling around convincing people that my artwork needs to hang in their homes, and that they should pay me for that privilege. I must admit, socializing with like-minded individuals is staggeringly refreshing; I feel like I drank in the interaction like water from a spring. I'm sure my peers didn't quite know how to take my unfettered enthusiasm. For that matter, I have to wonder what they thought of my offbeat, grizzled cohort in his Hawaiian shirts and overalls (thanks for all the help, Dad!). We did manage to gain experience, meet contacts, and strike up a few friendships. I also came away from everything consumed with the desire to make more art. MAKE MORE ART. MAKE...MORE...ART. I'm trying like mad to jot this down before my color-crazed right brain re-establishes dominance and I lose my words completely.

Also, you'll want to check out eternalsunstudios.com if you like chunks of metal, critters, or stuff that lights up.