Accolades, October 2015

I am pleased to announce that two of my paintings were awarded ribbons at the 2015 Annual Black Range Artists' Exhibition. Arc of the Sky (whose title I unwittingly changed for the exhibition--oops!) snagged an Honorable Mention, while Sunrise Over Floridas II  (whose name I didn't botch quite so badly) was awarded First Place. To say this was unexpected is a gross understatement; there are some downright intimidating artists with much more impressive pedigrees than I in this plucky group. I'm the crazy kid with the weird hair and unfinished sentences in the bunch. (Well, ain't that the story of my life.)

It's promising, but I can't wait for my work to have a broader reach. It would be especially nice if said reach involved an active art market with an exchange of goods for filthy, filthy lucre. I reiterate--make me an offer now, before the October 30-November 1 Southwest Festival of the Arts in Santa Fe. I'm raising my prices out of necessity, not greed: bigger shows cost more to get into, have specific framing requirements, and require more "time on task" to be competitive. Email me at or pm me on Facebook.