New paintings

There are three new paintings up on my site, all intended for the upcoming Fractured Landscapes show in Las Cruces. The first is called La Linea, Spanish for "the line"-- a term frequently used to denote the border between the U.S. and Mexico. It's a phrase fraught with  sociopolitical issues, families rent apart, and complex fiscal ramifications. It fits.

The second is called Virga, which is a meteorological term for rain that doesn't hit the ground. It's a common sight during the monsoon season here, but we've also had a freakishly wet winter so I've seen it lately, too. Virga often appears as a veil-like sheet of mist in the sky, sometimes with a linear suggestion of the direction in which the rain is trying to fall. 

The third is tentatively titled  Fractured Vanitas and is (naturally) a melding of the Vanitas series and the fractured landscapes. This one feels like the most important, if not the most successful, of the three. It's actually my fourth attempt to paint this canvas; it has two layers of acrylics and another layer of oils underneath this image. (Someday they'll x-ray it and be utterly flummoxed with what they see.) I'm trying to figure out what makes it so pivotal, but right now that eludes me.