The mitigation of rainfall

I live in the Chihuahuan Desert. We have a rainy season, known as the 'monsoon' season. After seven years here, I'm still awestruck by the extremes, particularly when the rains come. Apocalyptic storms with purple lightning for 360 degrees, torrents of rain in near-horizontal configurations in a sky formerly blue and bright half an hour prior, hail (hail!) in the middle of a hundred-degree-plus's invigorating. Although I can rarely admit with honesty that I enjoy living here, I truly adore the skies of New Mexico. 

Today, though, it's unnaturally wet and cold, apparently the result of Hurricane Odile. This is not my sky of extremes and intense hues; it's more akin to the chilly monochromatic rains in the Northeast of my childhood. My studio is a mere fifty-meter jaunt, but I'm balking. I own no rain gear, no umbrella, and the sky is uninspiring. 

I wonder, though, can I tone down my use of color in this gray light? When I began as an art student some years back, I could not get myself to use color for close to two years. I used a single color carelessly toned with black to get my inelegant point across. It took years before I'd use any full-strength hues, and any coherent color scheme was right out until maybe five years ago. Lately I've been more than liberal in the vibrancy of my hues; maybe Nature's trying to give me a big ol' hint. Point taken. I'm going to grab a hot beverage & make myself work now.