Hidden talents, superpowers, and what I learned at Comic-Con

     As any former student of mine can tell you, I shirk from traditional portraiture. Sure, I'll lay down the basics of proportion for them to avoid the dreaded eyes-too-high syndrome , but I don't get very into faces, even when I do life drawing. Fact is, I'm a little insecure about the pressure of drawing someone's face, much more so than their body. I've never had any training in it, either, so I leave portraiture to the portraitists. (Same goes for leaving ceramics to the ceramicists and printmaking to the printmakers. You do you, folks.) 

     Then, the Weird Thing happened: I snapped a picture of my friend and muse, and a portrait started transpiring. It's maybe 40% done, but it's there, and there's a likeness. I told him, stunned, that his portrait was nearly painting itself. I can only liken it to when I figured out that I can spin a pencil in my fingers...less pride in achieving a hard-sought goal, more "Hey guys, check this out". Does that count as a minor superpower? If so, I'll add it to my running list. 

     I attended a small, local comic-con with the offspring recently. The devotion to fandoms was impressive, the costumery was inspiring, and the artists (mostly) blew me away with their craft. I'm no illustrator, but suddenly understand it scads more than before. If you don't want to hear about my geek-level, stop reading NOW. ***************I SAID STOP READING...YOU'LL NEVER SEE ME IN THE SAME LIGHT AGAIN. I also figured out that my fandoms are specific, varied, and for the most part, non-transferable. I feel a sudden desire to fill in the nerd-niches that are being underrepresented. To wit: Firefly, Welcome to Night Vale, and any number of British programs--excuse me, programmes. Despite having a TARDIS at the Con, there was woefully little Doctor Who, with a couple of notable exceptions (including one who'll likely be subjected to my painting ministrations, or more aptly I'll be the recipient of muse ministrations). Zero Sherlock. Seriously? It hurts my heart. I have the urge to cosplay the Silent Singer from Psychoville. Pure geeky spite on my part, as no one would know it, and I couldn't speak to tell them when they asked. TAKE THAT, horde of Harley Quinns. 

How to make a buck, and some skulls are happening

I recently (read: two days ago) ordered a Square reader. Within a week, I should be able to make financial exchanges for my work (read: sell some stuff). If anything is of interest to you, please let me know before I mark it up exorbitantly in Santa Fe to offset my costs of showing there. Best prices to those who knew me "back in the day" or gratuitously compliment my looks. It's okay, you can lie, I'll pretend right along with you; I'm knee-deep in a midlife crisis. Also, I knocked out five small skull studies and completed my first ever fangirl art devoted to the podcast Welcome to Night Vale. I will take photos of them tomorrow if I don't get tragically lazy.